Permanent Make-up products


Permanent make up procedures require valuable craftsmanship.
The equipment we use ensures the highest possible precision, comfort and user-friendliness.
I believe in using the best products and being associated with the best brands.
Our products and pigments and extended courses are proudly Cherryink.


This is the machine that we use to perform the Lip, eyeliner and eyebrow procedure.

Amiea’s certified micropigmentation systems meet international health and safety regulations as well as the highest aesthetic and hygienic standards.

Amiea’s structure provides highly precise and clean punctures. Due to the large variety of different needle configurations, you can be sure to find the perfect needle for any kind of treatment. With amiea’s needle configuration you are able to apply more colour into the dermis.

Hygiene is a very important topic in micropigmentation. Excellent hygiene means a very low risk of contamination. Amiea safety Cartridges utilize our patented safety membrane to prevent backflow of liquids, thus the risk of contamination and infection for both customer and the artist is minimized.


From the special advanced needle to the elegant stylus, every detail in MIDAS combines careful engineering and meticulous design.

Perfect results - needles are pre-configured to the 17th golden angle and paired with premium sharp needles, tested to easily insert the pigment into the skin.

Highest Safety Standard - each component is fully sterilized and made with medical grade material in certified facility. Seamless stylus paired with edgeless Advance Needle ensures no contamination.


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