Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up

Microblading; Cosmetic tattooing; “semi” permanent make-up ….. It is ALL permanent make-up.

When pigments are implanted into the skin by the means of a disposable sterile needle or blade , inserting the colour into the upper layers of the dermis of the skin, it is permanent make-up.

Other names used are dermapigmentation, microdermal pigmentation, transdermal pigment implantation and cosmetic tattooing and permanent cosmetics.

Permanent Make-up is a welcome enhancement for most recipients. Most clients seek out Permanent Make-up to enhance their facial features, but recently Permanent Make-up has been utilized to camouflage scarring on the face and help alopecia and cancer patients who experienced hair loss.


Permanent make up procedures require valuable craftsmanship.
The equipment we use ensures the highest possible precision, comfort and user-friendliness.
I believe in using the best products and being associated with the best brands.
Our products and pigments and extended courses are proudly Cherryink.

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Permanent Make-up


1Why would you consider Permanent Makeup?

Women all over the world are learning the benefits of having Permanent Make Up done. What could be better than to wake up every morning, looking just as good as you did last night?

The benefits of Permanent Make-up are being discovered by a wide range of people, varying from athletes , people whose work precludes wearing make-up, professional women and those who are just tired of wasting time on applying makeup everyday.

These days women have to do it all. Between everyday tasks, work, being a mom and also looking good at the same time there is very little time to yourself.

This is where permanent make-up can make your life easier. It will help you spend less time correcting or creating non-existing eyebrows, applying or touching up cosmetic make-up during the day and just leave you ready to go at all times.

Permanent Makeup is valuable to active people who want to look their best at all times , while swimming, playing tennis, at the gym, biking or just going to the park with their kids. Wiping or sweating off your eyebrows will no longer be part of your problems.

If you are prone to allergic reactions to cosmetic make up, or have difficulty applying cosmetic make up yourself due to physical restrictions such as unsteady hands, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, stroke survivors and poor eyesight, you are also a perfect candidate.

Permanent eyeliner is also a solution for sensitive eyes and and clients who wear contact lenses.

2Alopecia, cancer patients and Permanent Make-up?

There is no bigger satisfaction than being able to give someone something that they really want and need. Alopecia clients will benefit from having their eyebrows and eyeliner done. We create an eyebrow for you, which immediately frames the face and eyes. We try to create the most natural eyebrow for the client. Eyeliner will create a natural looking lash line that will make the eyes stand out. It is amazing how something so small can give the world’s confidence.

We ask that our cancer patients get consent from their doctor. We need to know that we perform the procedure when their immune system is at the best. Clients often ask when it is best to have the procedure done (especially eyebrows), before or after hair loss? This depends on the client but I would recommend that it is better to have it done before hair loss has been experienced - this way the client has eyebrows during this period, and we can also follow and improve on the natural hair growth and eyebrow shape .

3The Technician and working environment ?

Once you have made the decision of having Permanent Make-up applied, you have to find a qualified technician that you trust and feel comfortable with.

It is important for me as a technician to ensure all my clients that:

  • the work is being done in a private room where other contaminants, such as acrylic nail dust, can not circulate in the air
  • myself and the environment I work in are clean and neat at all times
  • I use new gloves for every client
  • I use clean sheets on your bed
  • my nails are clean and short
  • I use new needles , blades, pigment cups etc on every client.
  • All metal tools are being sterilized in a UV Sterilizer Cabinet after each client.
4How does the process work?

The procedure will begin with a consultation.

During this consultation, the client and the technician will discuss the shape and the colour. You as a client choose what you want done. It is your face and you should be completely satisfied with the colour and shape.

Not every client is the same, therefore we use the colour that suits your skin tone, hair colour and compliments you best.

Topical anaesthetic is used to reduce discomfort. Every client reacts different to the procedure. Generally the reaction is… “was that it….”, “ it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be”. For some clients it is the same sensation as getting their eyebrows plucked, and others can fall asleep so relaxed are they. It is more an irritation than what it is actual pain!

Once you are numb and we have decided on the colour and shape that you are happy with, the process of Permanent Make-up can start.

Your technician will give you her professional opinion and suggestions. Changes will only be made if the client is happy and if that is what she wants.

5Will I see immediate results?

You can expect the colour to appear darker and brighter immediately after the procedure, than the final result. The colour softens within a few days during the healing process.

6The healing process and down time?

The downtime with permanent make-up procedures are minimal. Most clients return to their daily activities straight after the procedure. After your procedure you do not want water over the treated area for 72 hours, thus washing your hair on the day, before your appointment is advised.

We also recommend to our clients not to exercise for 3 days if it involves excessive sweating - for hygiene purposes. Slight bruising and redness may occur but you will be able to resume your normal activities after your procedure. The area will be crusty for a few days, depending on every client’s healing rate.

It takes about 3 to 5 days for the skin to heal completely. The final colour of your procedure area will show and settle after about 30 days. After care will be explained to the client on the day of the appointment.

7Do I need a touchup?

Often the pigment colour is not perfect after the initial procedure heals. This is normal and to be expected. Permanent make-up is a minimum two- step process

A touch up between 5 and 6 weeks of your first treatment is required. This will ensure that your pigment lasts longer and that the pigment is evenly in the skin.

8What are the long term results?

Permanent make up usually lasts for several years before fading significantly.

The pigmentation of permanent make up may fade over time. The amount of time required for this, depends on the client’s skin type and skincare products. Clients have to inform their beauty therapist of their permanent make up. Treatments like chemical peels, facials, and dermapen / needling will result in pigment loss and fading over time. Your permanent make up may be influenced by your lifestyle. Activities like swimming, gardening and tanning exposes your skin to the sun and will influence your permanent make up colour. Natural looking applications will require a touch up sooner than a more dramatic look, as the colour and amount of pigment inserted into the skin will affect the timeline of your permanent make-up.

Microblading, which is the most natural technique performed on the eyebrows , will only last between 1 - 3 years - depending on the skin type.

When you experience your colour to fade over time, it may be required to restore the original colour. This can be anything from a year to 7 years, depending on the technique that was used.

9Still doubting?

If you are doubting – do not have permanent make-up done! It is permanent so you have to be certain!

If you consider it , but still have a lot of questions, book a consultation and we can discuss all your concerns.

Tip: Start lighter and thinner, you can always add to that, but you can’t take away!


Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us: +27 72 42 45 969